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Living Waters
Hospice House

Providing Compassionate

End of Life Care to Our


Living waters hospice house plans newport vermont

He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost
being will flow rivers of living water.’’ John 7:38

living waters hospice house core values

Core Values:


Respect for the Sacredness of life

-By caring for the whole person: body, soul, and spirit

-By using humility and fairness in our interactions with others

Quality care and Excellence

-By providing an environment of welcome and hospitality

-Encourage and demonstrate unity:

  • Resident

  • Family

  • Volunteers

 -Collaborate with others to share resources


-To show the love of Christ to those in need



Living Waters Hospice House will be a home with trained caregivers and volunteers. We will collaborate with our local VNA hospice services who will provide the medical management for the residents; as they do for anyone receiving hospice care in their own home. Initially this home will feature 2 private bedrooms with a design allowing for future expansion.

The volunteers of Living Waters Hospice House will become an extended family for our residents who can no longer remain safe in their own home, such as:

  • A person who lives alone and has no primary caregiver

  • An elderly couple too weak to care for each other 

  • A loved one who is unable to leave their job to be the primary caregiver

We are committed to having a home that will nurture hope and healing when faced with end-of-life challenges.  It will also provide support options that will alleviate the burden of caregiving.  We believe that all persons have the right to enhanced quality of life for the remainder of their days and to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible.  

Pastor Wall2_edited.jpg

From left to right: Rev Laurence Wall, Sally Wall, Lindy Perry RN,
Rev Kelly Deslauriers, Carol Comtois RN, Jennifer Young, Rev Lisa Ste Marie RN, Marion Dehnke, Carol Nicholson, Joanne Root RN, Chris Johansen,
Not Pictured: Allison Comtois, RN

A Letter From the Pastor

Living Waters Hospice House is a Ministry of the Church of God

A Letter From the Director

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